Military shovel NO.1357

$ 19.50


Folding Metal Iron Shovel Survival Spade Emergency Military Shovel

ITEM NO.1356 (Small Size)

Extended Length: 16inches
Shovel Face Width: 3.93inches
Shovel Face Length:5.1inches
Weight without Package: 0.95lbs
Package Size: 6.68* 4.32inches
Material: iron
Thickness: 0.1cm

ITEM NO.1357 (Middle Size)

Total Length: 18.3inches
Shovel Face:6.1* 4.4inches
Sawtooth length: 2.75inches
Pickaxe Length: 4.5inches
Weight: 1.54lbs
Material: iron
Thickness: 0.1cm

ITEM NO.1358 (Large Size)
Extended Length: 24.4inches
Shovel Face: 8.6 * 6.2inches
Sawtooth Length: 3.93inches
Pickaxe: 6* 1inches
Weight: 2.7lbs
Material: iron
Thickness: 0.1cm
* Great for outdoor activities like gardening, camping, hiking;

* Foldable shovel is great for outdoor adventures or your winter survival kit;

* Multi-functions and foldable makes it outstand ;

* With a black oxford package bag, you can store it in your car when not in use;

* The item is made of high quality material, which is durable for long time use.

* It’s designed exclusively for outdoor activity tool.


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