Aluminim Non-stick Cookware NO.1342

$ 19.90

Functions: Suitable for camping, picnic, fishing,etc. outdoor recreations.


Outdoor Camping Backpacking Aluminim Non-stick Cookware

1, The pot and frying pan are made of aluminum, which makes it solid and light.
2, This cooking set is a kind of non-stick cookware.
3, Handles on pot, frying pan and soup spoon. After use, they can be folded to save space.
4, With carry bag. it is portable to take out for camping or picnic.
5, Thoughtful consideration: it is supplied with a cleaning sponge to clean these utensils.
6, It is suitable for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic ,family recreation and other outdoor activities.


SET1: 1-2 Persons Cookware

Small Pot Size(H * D):3.2 * 5.7inches
Rice Ladle length: 5.1inches
Frying Pan Size(H * D): 1.7* 5.9inches
Bowl Size (length): 4.3inches

Package Listing:
1 * Large Pot / 1 * Frying pan / 3 * Bowls / 1 * Soup spoon / 1 * Rice ladle /
1 * Cleaning sponge / 1 * Mesh package bag


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